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Mr. Hamada is a highly trained and experienced consultant ophthalmologist and cornea surgeon with special interest in cornea, cataract, and laser and lens refractive surgeries in adults and children. He has over 19 years experience in ophthalmology. Areas of expertise include laser refractive surgery, intraocular lens (non-laser) refractive surgery, advanced cataract surgery, intraocular lens procedures including premium lenses (multifocal, toric, or phakic lenses), management of laser refractive surgery complications. Pioneer in managing corneal diseases in children He is one of the very few eye surgeons in the world who have educational, academic and clinical skills to manage corneal diseases in children. Achievement awards as a distinguished ophthalmologist whose work contributed to the new advances in ophthalmology, Mr. Hamada has received the distinguished achievement award from the American Academy of Ophthalmology in 2013. This in addition to many awards and prizes that he earned as a result of his excellence in patients’ care Higher qualifications in cataract and refractive surgery including a master degree from Ulster University and fellowship training in a reputable international eye centres. He has performed more than 2000 cataract surgeries; many of which were complex cases referred for his expertise and skills. Higher specialist training at reputable national and international centres of excellence. After completing his general ophthalmic surgical training, he undertook five years of sub-specialist training, with fellowships in cataract, corneal and refractive surgery. Additionally he is fellowship trained in managing corneal diseases in children from Great Ormond Street Hospital for children. Currently, consultant eye surgeon at the world-famous Corneoplastic Unit and Eye Bank at Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Trust where he manages complex referrals of corneal and eye surfaces diseases in adults and children from all around the UK. Fellow and member of various professional national and international organisations. Mr. Hamada is fellow of the The Royal College of Ophthalmologists in London (FRCOphth), which sets the standards for professional practice and advice on various aspects of excellence in ophthalmology. Also, The Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh (FRCSEd), the International Society of Refractive Surgery (ISRS), and the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Academic, teacher, and opinion leader in cornea in adults and children. Mr. Hamada is well published and produces pioneering papers on the management of corneal diseases. He has written many book chapters on cornea and cataract. He was chosen as a reviewer for several renowned ophthalmology journals including the American Journal of Ophthalmology and British Journal of Ophthalmology. In addition he is a contributing editor on many peer-reviewed journals. He is active in developing new innovations for managing patients with corneal diseases, and speaks regularly at international eye conferences and teaches his colleagues on front line advances in eye surgery. Professional, Kind, Caring, and Supportive. Mr. Hamada is respected and liked by his patients and colleagues who praise him for his professionalism, expertise, and kindness. His main focus is on excellence in clinical outcomes and complete patients’ satisfaction.

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