For practice managers

Meet all your Friends and Family Test needs

The iWantGreatCare web-based solution helps busy Practice Managers and clinicians meet their mandatory CQC and Friends and Family Test (FFT) requirements without unnecessary admin burdens.



  1. Guaranteed to meet requirements of the upcoming Friends and Family Test for primary care

  2. Real-time reports including all free-text comments, helping surgeries to highlight best practice and improvement areas

  3. Feedback on individual GPs can be used to meet development, appraisal and revalidation needs

  4. All feedback is monitored to prevent gaming and system abuse

  5. Promotional materials and guidance to engage patients

Your surgery will receive

  1. An admin account to manage your surgery profile and data

  2. Unique web page for each surgery allowing patients to provide online feedback

  3. Access to promotional materials and guidance on how to engage patients

  4. The ability to respond to feedback online

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Pimlico Health have used iWantGreatCare since the FFT was introduced. We have 155 reviews and a rating of 4.5. In comparison to 35 reviews and a rating of 3 on NHS Choices, which was the rating of historical practices when I merged them a year ago. We always promote iWantGreatCare because it's the most up-to-date and accurate picture of our practice. It's easy to reply and easy to extract data for NHSE submissions.Joanna Fox, Business ManagerGP Practice