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Written by a patient
22nd January 2021

I simply cannot recommend Mr. Hamada highly enough! He is a wonderful, kind and highly competent doctor with unparalleled experience in opthalmology. His team, including his PA Joanna Tregent are a pleasure to deal with as well. In short, Mr. Hamada basically cured my dry eye disease which has now been in remission for almost two years. Before coming to Mr. Hamada, I had been led to believe that I would suffer from dry eye permanently, with only the ability to manage or minimise symptoms. "Live with it" seemed to be the motto I was hearing. Mr. Hamada gave me hope when I had none, and the outcome my treatment with him was better than I ever could have imagined. Where at one time, I could barely manage 1 hour without putting in eye drops and gels, I now only have to use some prescription ointment at night while I sleep and genuinely have no symptoms anymore. It is nothing short of a miracle! Thank you Mr. Hamada, I will forever be grateful to you!

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