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I am an experienced female Colorectal and General Surgeon. I qualified in Leeds in 1998 and returned to work in Manchester a year later. My NHS post is at Manchester Royal Infirmary but I also provide outreach clinics, endoscopy and Day Case Surgery at Trafford and Altrincham General Hospitals. As a Colorectal Surgeon, I specialise in diagnosing and treating bowel cancers and other bowel conditions but I also deal with all those bottom/bum issues that you don't really wish to discuss with anyone..... I am JAG accredited in endoscopy (Gastroscopy; Flexible Sigmoidoscopy and Colonoscopy) and an experienced laparoscopic surgeon. BOTTOMS - bleeding; pain; itchiness; rectal prolapse; rectal discharge; piles; anal skin tags; fissures; fistulas; anal stenosis; pilonidal disease; abscesses. Banding of piles; haemorrhoidectomy; removal of anal skin tags; fistula treatment; fissure treatment including Botox injections. BOWELS - Altered bowel habit; diarrhoea and loose stools; constipation; faecal incontinence; blood/mucus/slime; pain/discomfort; Inflammatory bowel diseases; appendicitis; diverticular disease and diverticulitis and its complications; bowel cancers; rectal cancers; small bowel problems; stomas (ileostomy and colostomy). Endoscopy - Gastroscopy; Flexible Sigmoidoscopy and Colonoscopy; Open and Laparoscopic (key hole) bowel surgery; Stoma formation and revision stoma reversal; ANAEMIA and WEIGHT LOSS. ABDOMEN - pain; swelling; lumps/masses; hernia (inguinal hernia; incisional hernia; epigastric hernia; umbilical hernia; femoral hernia; ventral hernia); abscess. SKIN - lumps and bumps

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