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I am a qualified and experienced Orthopaedic surgeon who runs a comprehensive foot and ankle service. I also perform sports injury related operations around the foot and ankle involving ligament and tendon reconstructions. The bulk of my work focuses on bunion and corrective toe surgery. I want to emphasis the point that this is a big problem for many affecting work, walking and footwear. I am keen to raise awareness among the general public that times have changed and foot and ankle surgery has advanced significantly and is part of a surgical revolution which ensures a pleasant and relatively pain free surgical experience which can transform life at any age. Modern techniques of bony and soft tissue correction have ensured that bunion toe surgery is a safe, predictable highly successful operation that has changed the lives of many patients. Some of these can now even be done under local anaesthetic. With the advancements in orthopaedic surgery a number of procedures can now be performed using keyhole surgery. This may vary from cleaning of arthritis from a joint to fusing the ankle. I qualified in 1987 and am an experienced Orthopaedic surgeon who runs a comprehensive foot and ankle service for the NHS at Wrexham Maelor Hospital. This is a tertiary referral centre for North Wales receiving and treating complicated cases from Bangor & Glan Clwyd hospitals. I completed my training in Yorkshire working at the famous Leeds Teaching Hospital "Jimmy's". While training I became interested in foot and ankle surgery and completed a one year fellowship at Arrow Park Hospital on the Wirral. Prior to this I worked in many busy foot and ankle units in the UK and in most of the premier institutes in Dublin. I have a keen insight in working with people from urban and rural backgrounds. I have been a keen sportsman playing hockey at a professional level so I know all about how to manage sports injuries. In my spare time I do photography of landscapes & birds which allows me to delve in my creative side & a chance to unwind

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