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Written by a patient at Dewsbury and District Hospital
27th March 2019

I met Dr Raj when I was having problems blacking out and some seizures causing great scary episodes and and a very unwell experiences and I was totally at a loss what was happening to me. Dr Raj has been my doctor for some years and now a friend who think it's very important to understand my illness and my emotional state as well. He has worked day and night with commucating with doctors around the country trying to find someway to help me. No expense has been spared when it comes to him he has done many different tests and some have been just to rule put something else. Although my illness seemed unique and is in its severity I could not have asked for such a patient talented caring doctor than he, I have felt lucky that I have had him as my doctor being there for me every step of the way. He has allowed me to share knowledge to him showing him some medications that act in reverse to me where maybe another doctor would not believe me but as intrigued as Dr Raj is about non diabetic biatric hypoglycemia and other areas of weight and diabties etc he admitted me and stayed in my room while these tests were performed proving to me that he believed me and just wanted to see the effect happening in the moment it was happebing. Now after a few years together we are pioneering a social media page about hypoglycemia and he's very happy for me to be a part of this. That's one thing about him he never leaves you out of discussions and will keep you informed or the progress of everything in hospital or clinic. He will be sadly missed in the hospital but I know now he will go other parts of Britain and the world investigating methods to treat and maybe cure something one day. Thanks for the pleasure of meeting you and look forward to aiding you in the future .. x

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