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Written by a patient
31st May 2017

When i first went to Weight Management I didn't think it were for me and I didn't think that I'd be able to stick to it. Before this I had tried every diet going and they all failed and I never thought I'd be able to find something that would work for me. I carried on going to class and slowly but surely things began to sink in and make sense. Nosheen the leader of the class was really good and she explained things where everyone could understand them. I gave it a proper go and it has changed my life majorly, for the better. My start weight was 16st 1lb, and my weight when the class ended was 13st 13lb and I am still going. For me the main problem was breakfast because I was skipping it and feeling dreadful and hungry all the time, but once I realised I needed to have it everything got easier. For me the food diary and going to class every week were the things that made this easy for me. I never wanted to go to class and be the only person who hadn't lost weight which made me take it more serious and try harder. At class we all got on really well and helped each other achieve what we wanted. The physio at class was really supportive and didn't make us do anything we couldn't. Thanks to Dr. C. Rajeswaran referring me to this class I have made so many life changes, I exercise more, join in with my grandchildren more and overall I feel so much healthier and happier. I have so many health problems from COPD to swelling in my feet and legs and I was almost housebound. Now I am on the exercise bike everyday, I can leave the house more and feel so much better for eating better foods. Anybody debating going this class I would tell you to go with an openmind, and enjoy it. I feel like a normal women again now that I have lost weight, and I believe in myself again now, and you can too! The doctor made me feel so determined and listened too and made me fully engaged in the program. I was so lucky to be refered to this program because it really has changed my life and made me determined to start living again. I feel so determined to keep going now, because the doctor has put me forward for surgery, which I have wanted for such a long time and I am so happy that the doctor would do this for me. I am so excited for the future now and so excited to see how healthier I get and how much my life will change. Thank you so much.

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