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Written by a patient
13th January 2017

Hello my name is alison grogan . I have bipolar and was obese i want to see doctor raj back in 2002 about my weight and how i was feeling at the time i was very suicidal a And i spoke to doctor raj and he listen to me like nobody had listened before . he made me feel like life was worth living. He put me forward for gastric surgery. It was not an easy road as you have lost of appointment's and it doesn't happen over night but i would like to tell you the truth . I had my operation in 2005 and i had a gastric bypass. And its made such a difference to my life i have lost about 8 stone and yes i still have bipolar and still have suicidal thoughts but i can honestly say from then to now there is no comparison to how i feel . i do hope this will help people like me that their is light at the end of the tunnel and a big thank you to doctor raj for giving me hope and for listening to me and never giving up on me just because i have bipolar. So thank you DOCTOR RAJ

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