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Mr Hama Attar

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Hama is a consultant urological surgeon at Chelsea and Westminster hospital and at the Lister Hospital in Central London. In addition to general and diagnostic urology, he has an interest in treating complex kidney stones and kidney urothelial tumours using minimally invasive techniques and laser technology. Prior to becoming a consultant urologist, he undertook extensive training in Endourology and Stone Surgery at the Institute of Urology at University College London Hospital. Hama is very keen on academic activities and regularly teaches on different urological courses for junior urology trainees and nurses. He has published over 30 scientific papers which he has presented in various international meetings and his work on the subject of vasectomy has contributed to changing practice. He has obtained his Masters degree in urinary incontinence disorders from the University College London. He is a regular examiner for Imperial College medical students at Chelsea and Westminster, Charing Cross and St Mary's hospitals. In his clinical practice, he creates an active team-working environment which translates into providing the best possible quality of care and outcomes for his patients. Publications in Scientific Journals: 1. An Unusual Case of Pure Testicular Seminoma in a 92 year old Patient: a Case report. Denning C, Tay LJ, Attar KH (World Journal of Clinical Urology February 2017) 2. Long term Outcomes of Augmentation Ileocystoplasty in Spinal Cord Injured Patients: a Minimum of 10-year Follow-Up. Gurung P, Attar KH, Abdul-Rahman A, Morris T, Hamid R, Shah PJR. BJU Int. 2012. PMID: 21851549 3. Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumour of the Spermatic Cord. Gurung P, Attar KH, Peters JL. Int J Urol 2010: 17(7): 679-80. PMID: 20482657 4. Clearance After Vasectomy: Has the Time Come to Modify The Current Practice? Attar KH, Gurung P, Holden S, Peters JL, Philp T. Scand J Urol Nephrol. 2010; 44(3):147-50. PMID: 20201750 5. Long Term Outcome of Tension-Free Vaginal Tape for the Treatment of Stress Incontinence In Females with Neuropathic Bladders. Abdul-Rahman A, Attar KH, Hamid R, Shah PJR. BJU Int.2010;106(6):827-30. PMID: 20132201 6. The Relationship between Bladder Management and Health-related Quality of Life in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury in the UK. Liu CW, Attar KH, Gall A, Shah J, Craggs M. Spinal Cord. 2009;48(4):319-24. PMID: 19841636 7. Patients' Perspective of Botulinum Toxin-A as a Long-Term Treatment Option for Neurogenic Detrusor Overactivity Secondary to Spinal cord Injury. Hori S, Patki P, Attar KH, Ismail S, Vasconcelos JC, Shah PJR. BJU Int. 104(2):216-20 PMID: 19220255 8. Polydimethylsiloxane in the Treatment of Sphincter Weakness Incontinence in Men with Spinal Cord Injury: Long-Term Follow-Up. Attar KH , Gurung P, Hamid R, Wood S , Shah PJR. BJUMS 2008;1(2):63-66 9. Kidney Salvage Using the Fibrinogen- and Thrombin-coated Sponge TachoSil during Nephron-Sparing Surgery for the Resection of Large Renal Tumours. Attar KH, Namasivayam J, Green J, Peters J. Ann R Coll Surg Engl. 2008 Jul; 90(5):W8 10. The Urological Management of Patients with Spinal Cord Injury. Attar KH, Shah PJR. Saudi Urological Association Newsletter Dec 2008;2(2):3-4 11. The First Semen Analysis after Vasectomy: Timing and Definition of Success. Attar KH, Holden S, Peters J and Philp T. BJU Int. 2007; 100(3):700-1. PMID: 17669151. 12. Robotic Anderson-Hynes Pyeloplasty: 5-year Experience of One Centre. Attar KH, Webster G. Surgeon’s News 13. Increasing Safety While Decreasing Stress at Radical Prostatectomy: a Novel Use of the Scrubbing Sponge. Rowe EW, Attar KH, Karim O. BJU Int. 2004; 94(1):188-9.PMID: 15217459 14. Adding Space and Colour, Without Tying a Knot, at the Bladder Neck-Urethral Stump Anastomosis during Radical Prostatectomy. Rowe EW, Attar KH, Karim OM. Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis. 2004; 7(3):268-9. PMID: 15249930 15. Trans-Rectal Ultrasound-guided Biopsy of the Prostate: Nationwide Diversity in Practice and training in the United Kingdom. Lee G, Attar K, Laniado M, Karim O. Int Urol Nephrol. 2007; 39(1):185. PMID: 17268896 16. Diagnosis and Management of Prostatitis: a Urological Challenge. Attar KH, Hamid R, Peters J. Trends Urol Gyn Sex Health. 2007; 12(4):26-30 17. Safety and Detailed Patterns of Morbidity of Transrectal Ultrasound guided Needle Biopsy of Prostate in a Urologist-led Unit. Lee G, Attar K, Laniado M, Karim O. Int Urol Nephrol. 2006; 38(2):281-5. PMID:16868698 18. Treating Co-Existent Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia/ Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms and Erectile Dysfunction in the aging men. Blake-James B, Attar KH, Emberton M. Aging Health. 2007; 3(2): 191-200 19. Secondary Polycythaemia Associated with Unilateral Renal Cystic Disease. Blake-James B, Attar KH, Rabbani S, Yeghen T, Owen R, Peters. J. Int Urol Nephrol. 2007; 39(3):955-8. PMID: 16835724 20. Folding the Flow Rate: a Simple Method to Display and File the Uroflowmetry Tracing. Attar KH, Rowe E, Karim O. Int Urol Nephrol. 2004; 36(4):533-6. PMID: 15787331 21. The Secret of the Phantom Stone: a Case Report. Attar KH, Lee G, Rowe E, Hudd C. Int Urol Nephrol. 2004; 36(1):27-8. 22. Case Report: Minimally Invasive Treatment of an Unusual Obstructive Ectopic Upper Pole Ureter. Lee G, Attar KH, Hudd C. Int Urol Nephrol. 2004; 36(1):21-2. 23. Rare Species of Actinomyces as Causative Pathogens in Breast Abscess. Attar KH, Waghorn D, Cunnick G. Breast J. 2007 Sep-Oct; 13(5):501-5. PMID: 17760673 24. Capsular Flap for Correction of Contour Deformities of the Breast. Imran D, Javaid M, Lewis D, Attar KH. Ann Plast Surg. 2005 Jun; 54(6):662-3. PMID: 15900156 25. An Anomalous Muscle Mimicking a Dorso-Radial Ganglion as a Cause of Radial Wrist Pain. Imran D, Avarmidis M, Attar KH. Hand Surg. 2006; 11(1-2):47-9. PMID: 17080528 26. Vacuum-assisted Closure (VAC) Therapy in the Management of Digital Pulp Defects. Attar KH, Imran D, Iyer S Acta Chir Plast. 2007; 49(3):75-6. PMID: 1805158 27. Grafting Posterior Tibial Nerve with Ipsilateral Sural nerve Cables in Leg Re-Plantation- a Common Sense Approach. Imran D, Attar KH. Acta Chir Plast. 2007; 49(3):63-5. PMID: 18051584 28. The Cosmetic Bladder. Patki P, Attar KH, Shah PJR. Charter Continence Care. Issue 14, 2008 29. Prostate Cancer’. Attar KH. Men’s Health Magazine. February Edition, 2008. 30. Laparoscopic Clam Ileocystoplasty: Technical feasibility ad Reduced Morbidity. Patki P, Attar KH, Patel K, Kirker D, Desai M, Shah J. Journal of Urology 2008;179(4):240-242 31. The Role of Ultrasound in the Urological Surveillance of Spinal Cord Injured Patients. Gurung P, Abdulrahman A, Attar KH et al. Journal of Urology. 2009; 181(4):934


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