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Written by a patient
12th October 2020

I was seen a few weeks ago by this consultant and I would not recommend him as I went to see him about a concern that I had and he didn’t examine me properly and then asked the radiologist for his opinion. My mammogram was done by a newly qualified student and they took a biopsy which they said was benign but chose to leave me hanging on until the very last moment on the day to tell me the results. Needless to say that they left me very sore and bruised after the biopsy and sent me home with a leaflet on breast self-awareness!! My insurance company were highly unimpressed and I have made an official complaint to them in writing. The nurse at the hospital was horrible too and all she could do was gawp at me the entire way through my appointment and never respected my privacy!!! Look elsewhere if you are seeking a consultant with any expertise!!!

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