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23rd January 2017
Written by a patient at BMI The Meriden Hospital

Miss Goswami was invariably late for every consultation. During our meetings, she was arrogant and condescending and took my questions about her experience in my particular procedure personally. Although she was always late and behind schedule, she was very impatient when I was disrobing ahead of her examinations. I felt very rushed during our consultations. She is female and my problem is a female one, and so I felt that perhaps she would do a better job than a male surgeon so I didn't listen to my heart ahead of the procedure. On the day of the procedure, she was again late and she had scheduled a whole afternoon of back-to-back surgeries. She came to my room ahead of the procedure but was very rushed and abrupt. I was so tempted at that stage to call the whole thing off, but I was so anxious to get my problem resolved that I stayed. I regret that decision now. After that surgery, she never came to check on me (unlike previous surgeons that I have encountered). The following day she came, but did not even examine the wound. She spoke exactly 36 words to me (I counted). On the day of discharge, we (the ward staff, my family, and I) had to wait the whole day for her to come around and finally discharge me. That too was a hurried and begrudging affair. I was not happy with the outcome of the surgery. However, when I went back and voiced my dissatisfaction to Miss Goswami, she basically dismissed my opinion and told me that she had done all that she could do for me. Physically, I have been left in a worse position that before the surgery. I regret ever meeting Miss Goswami to be honest and wish that I had relied on my gut instinct from the outset. In every other walk of life, the consumer/client/customer has rights and is protected. I feel it is wrong that surgeons can just collect their fat pay cheque after surgery regardless of outcome. I wish this system could be changed and surgeons were held more accountable.

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