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11th December 2015
Written by a patient at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

I went to see this doctor about an upsetting skin issue which had caused be to become depressed and affecting my ability to maintain physical fitness (I was too embarrassed to swim). The first thing he said to me was 'what job do you do?' I am a housewife and carer for my disabled son so don't have a proper job. So this question made me feel uneasy straight away. The question had nothing to do with my skin condition as was irrelevant. I felt very judged, like he had decided that because I didn't work I wasn't entitled to any treatment. My husband attended the appointment with me and I presume he thought neither of us worked as he was very rude to me. There were medical students in the room and he didn't ask if it was ok for them to look at my skin condition so I felt like I was being inspected and it was very upsetting. He could see I was crying and upset but he was still very rude,and said treatment was rarely available and I couldn't have it. I think he made his assumption too quickly that I couldn't have treatment. The skin condition affected me mentally (I have lost lots of weight and think I am developing an eating disorder, been put on antidepressants, and don't socialise as I am too embarrassed) and physically as I can no longer swim which is one of the only exercises I can do with my rheamatoid arthritis. He didn't even ask how it affected my life or the life of my family. Even if I couldn't have treatment he could of used a bit of empathy and understanding instead of making me feel like a piece of dirt. I waited 3 months for the appointment as I was in the consultation for about 5-10 minutes. The nurses was much more caring and seemed to try and make up for his rudeness. I am just glad that I did not shell out the £250 for the private consultation that I could of had 2 months earlier with him. Although maybe he would of been a bit more caring them. I came away feeling really upset and crying.

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