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30th July 2008
Written by a patient at Princess of Wales Hospital

I recently had to have a procedure performed by this doctor. I have suffered with piles in the past, and as soon as I walked into the theatre, he stood up, OVER me, in what to me seemed to be a very confrontational manner, and said ''We've been here before, haven't we?'' ''What do you mean?'' I said. ''Piles. You have had bright red blood, and that's piles'' Actually, I've been quite ill recently with abdominal pains, and a couple of weeks back I had DARK RED blood coming out of me, which is WHY I was referred to him, which meant I should have been referred for a different procedure, a colonoscopy, not a sigmoidoscopy. This fact, along with his confrontational manner towards me annoyed me, and I let him know this, in no uncertain terms. I was REFERRED to him by another specialist, had to take 3 days off,(I'm self employed) and my wife had to take half a day off. I shouldn't have to JUSTIFY myself, sitting half naked on a bed surrounded by a doubting doctor and three of his nurses! Thankfully, the colonoscopy he eventually performed on me came up clear,(instead of the sigmoidoscopy I was originally mistakenly sent for) and he advised my doctor that I probably have IBS, for which he recommended anti depressants. Only trouble is, the advice on the anti depressants is not to take them if you have abdominal bleeding! I am NOT taking them. Also, the issue of what that dark red blood was, where it came from, has not been resolved. All in all, from my GP to that highly embarrassing encounter with Dr Yapp, this has not been a pleasant experience in the slightest for me. I get the impression the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing in the NHS nowadays! My advice to Dr Yapp would be to adopt a LESS confrontational stance with patients. If a patient is referred to you by a specialist, simply perform the procedure, tell them the results, then move on to your next patient!

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