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28th October 2013
Written by a patient at East Surrey Hospital

I went to see Mr Selvan (Pangayatselvan) at East Surrey Hospital in Redhill (NHS). Eighteen months earlier I had sustained an avulsion injury (a boney tear) of two of my rotator cuff tendons and a lesion on my long-head biceps tendon. Another surgeon had failed to treat these, opting instead to perform a simple decompression which helped a little but still left me with constant pain. Mr Selvan ordered an MRI scan that was inconclusive bit he decided to operate and see what he could find, which he did. He fixed my biceps tendon and my rotator cuff, however, my recovery was very slow and very painful. I kept returning to Mr Selvan explaining that the pain was getting worse. I had a further 2 MRI scans under his care but all inconclusive. Cortisone shots didn't help either. What I needed was an Arthrogram (MRI with dye), but they didn't do them at Redhill. Instead of referring me to somewhere that did do them, Mr Selvan carried on in the hope that I would get better. After 12 months of pain, he admitted there probably something not quite right and that he could go in and take another look. By this time I had already found another surgeon. This surgeon's diagnoses and treatment confirmed that Mr Selvan had overlooked a boney fragment that was impinging on my bursa, causing tendonitis, which was why I was in pain.

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