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10th May 2016
Written by a patient at Transform Medical Group, Bristol

17 years ago I had a Breast Augmentation done at the age of 23. There was virtually nothing available on the internet then, and I was naive and embarrassed. I went to Transform in Glasgow and had a consultation, revealing my 34A breasts and that I wanted VERY small boobs. Just enough to get me by. I had virtually no information offered to me, just an older matronly counsellor lady called Anne Connell with lots of empty reassurances. I came out of the procedure with massive breasts, about a C-cup, too big for my skinny frame and worse still, I had lost a lot of sensitivity in my breasts. I replaced one shame with another, but just got on with my life, never quite happy with them. I had 290cc hydrogel implants put in, no notes of anything else. 10 days ago I had a breast augmentation revision done in London. Again, I wanted smaller breasts than before, and requested my old clinic notes from Transform Glasgow. I received these and discussed them with my surgeon. He agreed that we could go to 245/265cc, although I would have preferred smaller. We didn't know if I was originally implanted subglandular or submuscular. Post operation (245cc), and the surgeon tells me the implants were actually 270cc, not 290cc as reported in the notes. They were also implanted subglandular, above the muscle, less painful, but this gave me problems with palpability, especially considering my low body fat. The surgeon said that Ian Taggart was crazy to have implanted subglandular. I am shocked that they couldn't even be bothered to amend the report to say that I had 270cc implants. Had I known I was 270cc, then I could have pressed my current surgeon for an even smaller revised implant, and had more ownership of what I was doing. Maybe finally getting the smaller breasts I had always needed and wanted. Easy money for them, no accountability. I've had to live with this sloppy, careless work.


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