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17th September 2016
Written by a patient at Brixton Hill Group Practice

Doctor Alleyne refused to refer me for an early Scan after an Ivf cycle as advised by the clinic. A week later I started bleeding and I was taken from A&E to the early pregnancy unit at King's college hospital. They told me I should have been referred because there's a higher risk of ectopic pregnancy after ivf. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage. The day after I had another appointment and doctor Alleyne was yawning when I was telling her what happened. I asked to be referred to the gynecologist to discuss the possible reasons of the miscarriage and see if they had to remove fibroids before I try ivf again. She told me the earliest appointment would be in about 70 days. After doing some research of my own, I find out there are emergency gynecology appointments in most hospitals in London which again doctor Alleyne completely ignored.

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