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14th May 2017
Written by a patient at Northampton General Hospital

I woke up yesterday unable to move. I was disabled. After taking paracetamol, ibuprofen and tramadol I was just about able to get up and walk to my GP to seek emergency help, but my GP was closed due to the Cyber Attack. I then went to the Highfield Clinical Care Centre and a nurse there kindly saw me, but she was unwilling to prescribe me anything strong enough for my pain. I did not want to go to A&E because there was no threat to my life or limb, but I was in unbearable pain and there was nowhere else for me to go. With a sense of shame I went to A&E out of desperation because I did not want to waste their time. The nurses made me feel welcome and I was seen by Dr Mark Mackenzie reasonably quickly considering how busy A&E is. He was very kind and knowledgeable. Thanks to his prescription I can move today. I still have a little bit of pain, but I am not disabled anymore. He has made a massive difference to my life. I cannot thank the staff enough. If the NHS gets fully privatised this kind of treatment will probably cost over £100. Please do not vote Conservative in the general election!

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