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6th January 2018

I had the misfortune to be assessed by this psychiatrist whilst in the very dire situation of having MS and not being believed. I was calm and candid at the interview, and no-one but a fool could have judged me to have a psychiatric disorder. Yet she misdiagnosed me with "abnormal illness behaviour", despite conceding that there was no evidence of malingering or manufacture of symptoms. Her false diagnosis of "personality disorder" was then passed to the neurologist, who left me without medical care when suffering serious, but largely invisible, MS symptoms. At least one lesion was demonstrated on the subsequent brain scan, but this information was kept hidden from me, and they OMITTED to do any spinal cord scan, despite symptoms that were clearly suggestive of spinal cord lesions. Do not trust this woman one inch. I hope she didn't harm too many more patients before she retired.

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