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Written by a patient
13th October 2019

Tracey's initial presentation of structure of the prostate, the nature of the disease, the treatment technology and treatment process were critical in my choosing radiotherapy; well constructed diagrams work for me! My only point of confusion following the initial consultation was the scope of effect of hormone therapy. I came away with the impression that it had some effect on cancer cells that had 'escaped' the prostate, I subsequently read its role is limited to shrinking the prostate and the cancer, making treatment easier. I'm still a bit confused. In retrospect the hormone treatment has had a longer lasting impact on me that the radiotherapy. As well as the hot flushes I've had joint pain in my knees and dry skin on the hands. There's no information on hormone therapy in any of the A5 'Lancashire Teaching Hospital' radiotherapy leaflets I have, and I have just realised I'm missing the 'Prostate Cancer UK' leaflet on hormone therapy, mentioned in their leaflet 'External beam radiotherapy', which I should have asked for. Leaving aside the tedium of daily travel to the hospital, the actual radiotherapy was a breeze. The environment is very relaxing, the processes were really slick and the staff utterly professional - a credit to the NHS!

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1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5