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8th February 2019

The optometrist was fine. The shop floor/sales staff the worst I have ever encountered in a Boots opticians. The unpleasant person insisted on hovering in one's personal space and only unlocking a few frames at a time to try, on the insistence that it was not store policy to do otherwise (perhaps they have a lot of shoplifting at that location - but seriously ? It's not as if I were anonymous - they had all my name and address details from the eye test). It's really not nice to be treated like a thief as a prelude to spending some hundreds of pounds on new glasses. Eventually the manager intervened as I got more stressed - and offered a discount if I chose something, but by this time I would be happy to never visit this store again. Many I recommend taking the trip to the Bishopsgate or London Wall branches instead - where staff are courteous and helpful.

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Clear Recommendation
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