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Written by a NHS patient
24th March 2023

I met Cath for the first time in person a week ago. She was immediately warm and welcoming. After 13 plus years of unmanageable bowel symptoms/ constipation and bloating daily, Cath taught me how to perform home irrigation. Since following her advice for a week. I have finally experienced pain free evenings which have always been particularly difficult. I am sleeping at night without being woken up with bowel symptoms and generally feeling ‘well’ for the first time in years. The irrigation itself is extremely user friendly, quick to perform and packs away neatly into a discreet zip up bag. The ordering process is easy with the luxury of home delivery. The service is just wonderful. Cath is the first person I have spoken to medically about my chronic bowel issues who actually ‘gets it’. Not only did she understand, she had a potential solution. I would encourage everyone to speak to Cath for her to share her invaluable experience. I am incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to meet her. She has introduced me to a new and better way of life. Long may it continue! Thank you so much Cath.

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