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Written by a NHS patient
6th February 2023

I hadn't met this lady till about 4/5 weeks ago, she's don't more for me in that time that anyone has done in a long time, she came to see me and put me at ease instantly, what a beautiful character she is, I have incontinence in both bladder and bowel, I didn't feel ashamed, or dirty, nothing, she was so caring and kind, made me feel so special and nothing fazed her, a lot more people like this lady we need,esp for embarrassing problems, I cannot praise this nurse enough, she's an NHS wonderwoman,. I've lived with these problems for a long time, but Cath made me feel it was not normal, but ok, she would do her best for me, I said nothing is too hot or too heavy for this lovely nurse, she takes all the problems on the chin, she really made me feel a lot more comfortable within myself, 10/10 for this special lady, nurse Cath Dixon xx