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Written by a private patient
21st May 2021

Our recent experience visiting The Portland Hospital for our eighteen-month-old sons’ surgery was excellent. We felt safe and guided at every stage. The staff were caring and empathic towards both myself and my son. I am pregnant and they made sure I was well looked after at the same time as taking exemplary care of my son. Before the planned date of surgery I received calls from the preadmissions team explaining everything we needed to do and what to expect thoroughly. I found this very reassuring at a time when we were anxious about the upcoming surgery and the nurses on the phone were kind and professional at all times. Pip our dedicated nurse and Lauren our play therapist were amazing. They listened carefully to me to understand what our needs and preferences were. The catering staff and porters were also brilliant with both my son and I, making sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed. When my son was recovering from surgery and sleeping, the man from catering who brought our food to our room was so concerned that it would get cold before he woke up. He offered to come back and warm it if it was cold when he wanted it. As it happened, he woke shortly after that, so we did not need him to warm the food in the end. We received a call from our nurse Pip two days after surgery to find out how we were doing, this was a lovely personal touch that we greatly appreciated. We would not hesitate to come back to The Portland Hospital if the need should arise.