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Written by a private patient
3rd December 2023

This hospital needs updating as it is very tired and not what one would expect of a private hospital which is expensive to be treated in.There we’re exceptions on the staff who were very good at their job but there were many who didn’t seem to know what was expected and a one particular receptionist was particularly rude. The contact by telephone to get an update is non existent. My wife could not get any person to answer the phone to get an update on my condition after my op but got an answer machine that stated someone would phone her back in a few hours but no one did. After obtaining a different t number, my wife did speak to someone asking to be out through to level 1 but was told someone would phone her back and again no one did. This is an anxious time and important to be able to speak to someone. The food choices were very poor as was the actual cooking. You don’t expect 5* food but you do expect, warm, edible food. As the medical side at this hospital is 5* it is a shame the same cannot be said about this particular hospital. The Ramsay hospital in Banbury is do much better.