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Written by a private patient
15th December 2022

How do I even begin to put into words how truly amazing Jonathan Adamthwaite is. Not just as a surgeon, which he is, but as a genuine kind and compassionate person. I went to see him after almost 8 years at the time of being very happy with my bust. I had a car accident that left me with life long injuries, a fully amputated arm and breaks to my neck & spine. I had to wear a metal halo frame from my head to my hips to support my injuries for a very long time, I had a horrible indent in my chest which has bothered me for so long and I finally decided I’d try to do something about it. It was just adding to my already lack in confidence. I researched surgeons for so long but kept putting off actually seeing any of them. I read so many amazing reviews about Jonathan I thought he was a must see. When I first went I was greeted by his lovely PA, she’s very friendly & welcoming and we had a good chat while she walked me to his room. From the moment you meet Jonathan you realise he’s first and foremost a caring person. He genuinely listens and takes in what you’re saying, he wants the best outcome for you and will give you a realistic and honest opinion. No false promises at all. He examined the area and takes all the measurements and photos he needs then will sit down with you to discuss how he can help. There was no rushing in my appointment I felt I could be open and honest with him and I fully respected how honest he was too. After losing my arm I felt such a crash in my confidence but I come to terms quickly that there was nothing I could do about it, but with my bust there was now something I could do and I’d just been putting it off. I’m pleased I did as I’m not sure I would have got the same result and care else where. Leading up to the surgery I had a few wobbles of nerves and was feeling hesitant about it. He was so reassuring with absolutely no pressure at all to go ahead, it was all on my terms. He’s like talking to a friend about your concerns and he’s happy if you’re happy, a rarity in surgeons nowadays. So I booked and went ahead. The day of the operation I was welcomed by Lewis from Chester hospital Nuffield, he’s an absolute delight, he gave me all the information I needed and more and was around if I needed anything. The nurses were some of the nicest you could ever meet, I didn’t feel uninformed for a moment, everything went smoothly and they checked on me to keep me updated and just nice general chitchat, (I talked a lot I was nervous- poor nurses.) I was then seen by Jonathan who came in to draw on me prior to going down. Again he explains everything and makes sure you’re happy to go ahead which I was. I was then seen by the anaesthetist Simon who again was so friendly and reassuring, I felt completely at ease and ready to go. The surgery went well and before you know it I was up and about. I didn’t feel any terrible pain and the nurses are right there making sure you’re comfortable. I was given something to eat and drink and checked on throughout. When I returned home I was contacted by Jonathan throughout the week to check I was ok. I was also called by the lovely Lewis to check on me too. I needed my dressings changed after a week and they’ve healed so well I was amazed. Still very early days but after a week I couldn’t ask for more and absolutely no discomfort at all. My first week has been really good I just stuck with paracetamol as anything else I stopped as it really wasn’t needed. After 3 days of taking them I stopped all together, this shows you how good of a surgeon he is. You wouldn’t think looking at me it’s only been a week I’m just amazed at the results already and it’s still very early days. If you’re looking for someone who’s firstly an expert in his field coupled with the fact he’s extremely approachable, friendly and caring, then this is the surgeon for you. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed and reading all his glowing reviews you can see why. Bite the bullet and do whatever it is that’s either bothering you or you’d just like to change to feel better about yourself, you won’t be disappointed at all. I’ve learned that life is just too short to spend it being unhappy about something, if you can change it then do and this should be your go to. Chester hospital were also an amazing hospital, from the reception staff, surgeon, anaesthetist, to the nurses to the catering staff, everyone was so welcoming and kind, spotlessly clean, nice rooms, beautiful atmosphere and happy staff, says a great deal doesn’t it. I want to thank Jonathan for everything he’s made this one armed lady a lot happier lol and I look forward to seeing the final result at the end of the healing time. 5 star experience from a 5 star surgeon.