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10th September 2022

I was referred to ESAC following a missed miscarriage for surgical management. I was (and am) raw with grief - tears running down my face, it's not hidden. Only 1 person (one of the care team in theatre, Viran?) showed any compassion and held my arm. Everyone else treated me with business-like efficiency. All it would have taken is a kind smile, "I'm so sorry", a gentle touch to help me feel human. My surgery was delayed (I understand) but no one talked to me. And the doctor didn't even bother to see me to say how it went after surgery. I had to read the medic discharge notes to find out. Afterwards I had to recover on a mixed ward, I know space is limited but I was bleeding and the curtains weren't even pulled close - there was no privacy.

Suggested improvements
Show some compassion for women going through miscarriage, we're heartbroken over the loss of our baby. Consider whether they can recover in a "women only" space. See people after surgery.

Care Plan
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