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Written by a private patient
17th August 2021

This is my second stay. The first was almost exemplary. My surgeon was the same and I cannot fault him or the other doctors. The receptionists were helpful as was the Porter who brought me a wheelchair. I applaud the chef for trying to make special appetising meals. I think the nursing side fell down a little. Most were really attentive and caring and nothing was too much. I feel one or two were somewhat unnecessarily abrupt without cause. I object to curtly being asked if I’ve washed my hands and face and cleaned my teeth. When I say I’m in pain and give an appropriate grading. I’m being truthful. I don’t tell lies. I think the haunted look in my eyes would give a pretty good estimation of pain. It was the two young doctors who spoke to the anaesthetist who in turn prescribed appropriate medication. Thank you. I hope I’m not being viewed as petty but one thing I had not expected were the small earwig looking bugs trotting around in my room