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Written by a carer
1st September 2020

Patient ref:- 4644085405 Hospital ref: S090588 The gentleman monitoring people’s entry on the main door was wonderful. The two nurses doing the two types of eye tests We’re so kind, gentle and patient. When we were told it would be a telephone diagnosis I said that my mother would get too flustered and be unable to hear properly. The registrar (I assume) kindly agreed to see her. He said there was no change other than an improvement in pressure. I said she was unable to read anymore and It was only then that he looked into the eyes, the consultant came in and they agreed she needed corrective laser treatment. The care we received was superb however, with the trend going towards telephone consults my mum would have been told there was nothing wrong after the two lots of initial eye tests. Thank goodness that consultant walked in when he did! Nina Roberts