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Written by a NHS patient
23rd September 2021

Visited hospital colonoscopy appointment @3pm. Had to wait for something happened with another patient, saw doctor and nurse it was explained to me what was happening, the doctor tried to put a canula in my right hand I asked him not to because my veins are not good on my hand but he did it anyway and it failed, leaving me with big bruise. He then put canula in my right arm ready for my sedation which I requested to have before coming. The next thing I know I am screaming with pain they tried to give me gas and air which was unsuccessful, the procedure had finished, and I was told they could not do because of poor prep pan colonic. he informed me I have a polyp and said he could not Finnish because of poor prep. I asked if I had done something wrong I was told NO it was down to movi prep not working and I would have to come back for another appointment. I was taken out of room put in to bed and was told I had to stay there because I was sedated and could not leave, which was untrue because I didi not feel I had been sedated.The medication they gave me was 3mg midazolam, 75 mcg fentanyl, and entonox, i certainly did not feel sedated. I have to go back at some point and I dont want this to happen again it was very traumatic