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29th November 2023

The IBD nurse and registrar provided a great deal of information on my condition and it really helped to see images to fully understand the areas affected, the different treatment options and how they would work. They spent a good deal of time answering my questions and explaining the impact of the disease. Until the appointment I had only ever been spoken to by the surgeons/consultants about my fistulas and the treatment options for them; I had never had any explanation about Crohn’s, so it was a really beneficial appointment.

Suggested improvements
I would have liked the appointment sooner after my diagnosis. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s on 29th September and my appointment with the IBD clinic was on 22nd November. In the time between my diagnosis and the appointment, I had high infection markers and a flare up (not understanding what that was at this point) and spent a week in hospital on IV antibiotics and steroids. As a result, I started treatment (a reducing dose of steroids) with another Trust, which has caused some minor hassle with the transfer of information between hospitals.

Rating not given.