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Written by a NHS patient
9th October 2021

I was transferred from the Derby Royal to Glenfield for major open heart surgery. My operation was cancelled 3 times, which I had no problem wit, as I understand the process of more urgent patients taking priority. The senior staff & consultants were really kind & informative. The problem I had was that my room was never cleaned nor were replacement items required, not replaced. I walked about & the corridor & spoke to various staff which was met with no helpful response, I eventually found sheets & pillow cases myself & deposited the used laundry in the appropriate sack. I spoke to my consultant about this as he surely wanted his patients to be calm & relaxed. I needed my sheets & pillow cases changing & a clean up. He promised he would speak to the housekeeping staff about it. A little later some of the housekeeping staff proceeded to say how clean the room was & I told them I had cleaned & changed the bedding myself. They seemed quite put out by this. Next a cleaner came in with no word uttered & proceeded to bang everything seemingly in a bad mood, I said thanks to her & she flounced out. The Derby Royal staff were all kind, caring & made my time there as pleasant as they could. I have no axe to grind generally, but, people interacting with patients who are seriously ill should be tutored in a respectful way, after all, we pay their wages.