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Written by a patient
3rd January 2013

The cleanliness, food and age of the ward was terrible. I felt that the accessibilty of the toilets, ward and aids for disabled patients was completely overlooked. Wheelchairs were rarely available for trips off of the ward and the ambience of the ward and its surroundings left A LOT to be desired and also did not help one as a patient get better! The food was not nutritional and presented very badly, the worst i have had in hospital! Nursing staff were rude and un helpful, and made several mistakes on drug rounds, that were only picked up by me as a patient! (god knows what medication people who either don't pay attention or are too poorly/confused actually take or what medication is checked out of sight of the patients and given via IV or IM?) and these mistakes were made despite nurses being completely quiet when doing their drug rounds! I was a inpatient in Dec 2012 and i was even given a sachet of medication that went out of date in 2009!!!!!! This was only picked up as i take such respnsability for my own care! I also saw and heard them give abusive care to confused and elderly patients, such as leaving them on the bed pan for extreamly long periods of time or talking to them badly! The nursing staffs own hygine needs to be reviewed as i saw them rarely washing their hands in between pateints, never cleaning the blood pressure cuff, and using the bed to put medication on such as suppositories! On the plus side, my medical care was fantastic and i felt the doctors did everything possible to give me good and speedy care.

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Nursing staff
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