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Written by a patient
15th March 2018

I had a cardiac arrest at home on 28th February 2017 and the MAGPAS crew attended with the main ambulance crew in the early hours of the morning. They identified my heart condition immediately and sent me ready for theatre to Papworth Hospital where a stent was fitted and I was discharged remarkably 2 days later. The diligence of both crews meant that my arrest lasted on a short period of time. Not only dd their professionalism and care save my life, but they also saved me from sustaining damage to my heart. It's meant that my medication is less invasive and my quality of life has been maintained. If anything, due to lifestyle changes, my quality of life is better than it has been at any time at this stage of my life and in the last 15 years. So, there is a huge debt of gratitude I owe to my carers.

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