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1st November 2023

Several very poor experiences. Needed an appointment to discuss a problem, but no, they wouldn't give me one. Instead, got shunted off to a locum at Penrith Hospital on a Saturday morning. Needed a follow up appointment to discuss increasing the medication dosage increase re above, but no, best they would offer was a phone call with a locum at Carlisle Hospital, at 8.30 in the evening. Dispensary is a joke. Prior to transferring here form Penrith, we used a postal dispensing service, (Well Pharmacy) which were excellent. Could we continue this? No, you have to use their in-house dispensary. Meds are often not ready, or are incomplete. Last straw was a large portion of a recent prescription that was unavailable. No probs I thought, I'll just ask them to pop it in the post. No, they won't do that. Do we have neighbours that could collect? No. Could I drive in myself? No, I'm house bound! Do I have a carer that could collect? No, she's away for 4 weeks. Sorry, can't help you then! I give up. Transferring to Appleby ASAP. Can't possibly be worse.

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