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Written by a patient
11th February 2020

The help, support and advice I have received from this surgery over the past few months has been outstanding; this is the surgery as a whole including the doctors and the receptionists. I have been a patient at this surgery since I was 18 and I'm nearly 39. Throughout the many years as a patient here, I would happily say that the service and the level of care is excellent and first class. I have recently been diagnosed with a skin condition that has had quite an impact on my daily life. I had an appointment back in November with Dr Kelvin and he was very thorough, and really listened to me and addressed my concerns. He is very caring and highly professional, and even though it was unrelated to my appointment, he checked my thumb which I had slammed in the car door the previous day!! Dr Kelvin referred me to Dermatology as there is a photo therapy treatment available which can help various skin conditions. Long story short, the person I saw at Purley Hospital was not helpful at all giving me a small piece of notepaper with the diagnosis on it and told me to go off and do some research! She hadn't even acknowledged the request for UV light treatment telling me simply that my skin condition will 'burn itself out'. (separate review on Purley Hospital's website!) This experience just served to highlight how lucky I am to be a patient at a surgery that has such efficient and caring doctors. After doing some research, I found that St Thomas' Hospital have a specific clinic related to the skin condition I have. I contacted the surgery, and requested that I be referred there instead. There were no questions asked, no issues, no stress, I literally received an appt date for St Thomas' two days later. Repeat prescriptions have been approved very quickly, and I would also like to thank Dr Velani who offered me advice on the phone (after I spoke with a very helpful receptionist) the other evening re my medication when I was having a particularly bad day with my skin. Thank you, I think you all do a fantastic job.

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