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24th June 2021

Last Friday the on line requesting system had been taken off due to the service being overwhelmed. The phone just rang and rang. 111 said that they would contact my GP and I would have a call within two hours. Three hours later I called 111 again. An out of hours GP called to say the surgery had finished! This is not an isolated incident, I cannot get bloods taken at the old cottage hospital, there is no time frame given when you are able to fill out an online form and a week later a GP called back. The senior partner responded to my concerns, but after last Friday sadly the situation has got worse. It is about time A&E we’re left to deal with accidents and emergencies and not mopping up what our local surgeries should be doing. GP’s need to start seeing patients. If hospitals can manage to see outpatients and keeping vital services operating it is about time GP’s and surgery staff fall into line. It is shameful.

Start seeing patients, vulnerable people need to be seen.

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