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18th September 2021

Since the pandemic hit the surgery has gone completely downhill. It’s practically impossible to contact the surgery, no face to face appointments, endless messaging via the website and waiting ages for replies back. The whole place needs a total revamp… it’s so run down and in need of a refurb and deep clean. Knowing that you can’t ring to see a doctor the same day is awful. Very anxiety provoking. Why on earth is the surgery not seeing patients again with a booking system? Where are the doctors and what exactly are they all doing? This used to be the ‘best’ go practice that I was proud to come to and very fond of all the staff. Sadly I don’t feel this anymore. So many reviews saying the same thing also.

Follow other local surgeries… open up your appointments face to face again and stop all the messaging via the website. You keep shutting it down anyway because the system just can’t cope! Totally crazy!

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