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15th December 2023

You can certainly get to see or speak to the GP, reception is much better now and they quickly advise best route for you either come in to surgery or GP call back, they try to be flexible on time too, The improvement in call waiting time is so much better you know how many are ahead of you the ask my GP doesn’t work for me it may be the way my online information is set up I can order prescriptions but not much else

Suggested improvements
This is a personal thought but playing music or having a screen with sound in the surgery may help, I know many patients sitting quietly listening to conversations that happen between reception and patients on a call are often commented on especially when the patient is called by name (Mrs Jones) and then the one sided conversation is heard, “that sounds like Vera on the phone” I’ve seen this happen myself I know staff are manning the desk but it’s a small community and a bit “gossipy “