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Written by a patient
31st May 2019

It is impossible to get an appointment at this surgery.. The receptionists give you varied information depending on who you get through to. I was referred for a hospital appointment which I challenged alway through the process to be the wrong course of action. When the results were normal, I was referred back to my GP and now I get get in front of a gp to find out what is actually wrong with me. The receptionist said because there was nothing seriously wrong with me, I don't need to be seen. I explained that I had just been sent for the wrong tests. I have to keep calling up every day to see if there is an appointment , even though the practice should have contacted me to make a further appointment. The receptionist just did not care. I don't know why they have changed their practices as this is really substandard! All the staff need to be retrained and people should speak to a doctor regarding their ailments and not a receptionist.

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