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Written by a patient
7th February 2017

I had an appointment with the Nurse at 0830 for a blood pressure check. I arrived at the surgery early and stood waiting as the door was closed. At 0831 I knocked on the door, as i was now waiting with other patients. The receptionist came and unlocked the door and asked me why I had knocked on the door as they did not open until 0830. She was rude and abrupt. I am amazed that the surgery can open at the same time as the first appointment, as patients have to register for the appointment on arrival. I was seen by 0835, by a very nice nurse. I have been with this surgery for years and must comment that the treatment is great, once seen. The reception staff should go on a customer service course, as I have regularly felt them to be abrupt and non caring. The surgery should review having appointments at the same time as they open, as this starts a trend to be late before they start the day.

1st March 2017
Response from Furnace Green Surgery

Dear Patient, Thank you for your feedback. In light of your comment, we are now opening the door 5 minutes before surgery time for patients to self arrive themselves for their appointment at 8.30am or 1.30pm. The receptionists will continue to strive to give excellent service from 8.30am each day. Thank you, Ruth James-Morse Practice Manager

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