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25th August 2023

As always, Freshwell surgery Staff always perform to the highest standards. The Receptionists are very pleasant and always try their very best to fit you in with an appointment in a timely manner. My recent appointment to see a new Dr at Freshwell was refreshing too. I could not find a slot to review Dr Randika Liyanage in the Staff review here, but want to mention that he was a lovely Doctor, who is very personable and friendly, listens and was thorough in his assessment of my concerns. He has a lovely manner and I hope that he continues as a GP at my surgery. Also met Dr Kim Andrews again too..and goes without saying how nice she always is ! Keep up your sterling work Freshwell Staff, you are all very well thought of for the high levels of care that you continue to give to local people in our villages. Thank you All. A grateful patient

Suggested improvements
nothing as everything always runs like clockwork at Freshwell, a very well run and organised surgery

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