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Written by a patient
9th April 2019

I have been having severe stomach pains for around a year now and have been given different tablets and ultrasounds (even though I originally asked for the camera which they seemed reluctant to give me). Bearing in mind on one of the ultrasound scans they messed up and sent the completely wrong letter to the hospital so i had to wait longer! After seeing the gynecologist for the first time at the QE, they referred me back to Farnham to get the depo-provera injection as my stomach pains were getting worse. However, I rang up and made another appointment 3 weeks after as i felt no better. The doctor then said he would refer me back to the gynecologist at either South Tyneside Hospital or the QE. I had been waiting for this letter for 3 weeks and it hadn't arrived so i began to get worried. I rang up 3 times during these 3 weeks and each time the receptionist said that it was on its way. I therefore decided to ring up both hospitals who said they haven't had any referrals. I rang up the doctors to discuss this and they said how the referral was not even sent in the first place! My mam then wrote a complaint and we received a letter from the doctors a couple days later stating how they didn't realize how i had the depo injection just weeks before even though I discussed this with the doctor and he also had my records up in front of him! In the complaint, they also disregarded the fact that they have already messed up with a previous letter which delayed the process and how the receptionists had lied each time i rang up and didn't even bother checking my record. Now I need to wait another 5 weeks for the second depo injection before i can discuss another referral! I feel as though they are just guessing rather than allowing me to get the camera to actually detect the problem. Feel like I am wasting my time.

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