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9th October 2023

I called at dead on 0830 and was no. 1 in the call queue, after about 30 seconds, I heard the phone get picked up and then immediately hung up. I called back as quickly as I can and ended up 10th. After waiting for my second chance, I got trough and the earliest appointment was 2 hours later than I would have had which completely offset my morning. When I brought this concern up with the lady on the phone, she was incredibly rude.

Suggested improvements
Get better call staff.

19th December 2023
Response from Desborough Surgery

Dear patient I am sorry that you have had difficulty with contacting the practice via telephone. We have experienced some technical issues with the telephones. With regards to the conduct of the receptionist please could you contact me directly at the practice so I can gather more information and deal with the matter accordingly. Kind regards Alan Dunham Practice Manager