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19th February 2024

Writing on behalf of my Mum: My mother recently came in for an appointment and she had a terrible experience. She had initially booked the appointment for another issue, however the day before the apppointment she was extremely ill (sudden vomiting, dizziness). During the appointment she mentioned these symptoms and without any further inspection the doctor conluded that she had vertigo, with no referral to an ENT specialist. She told my mother to take the week off work, however refused to give her a sick note (later, the receptionist mentioned that her workplace would deal with information regarding her leave of absence). My mother then tried telling her about the original reason for her booking her appointment (other separate symptoms), however she refused saying that this appointment is only for the current symptoms. We have previously had great experiences from this GP, and have been registered for the past 25 years. However this experience was quite disappointing.

Suggested improvements
Please train your doctors to show kind, friendly, and empathic behaviour. Bedside manner is so important in order to make the patient feel comfortable, and my mother felt anything but that.

23rd February 2024
Response from Desborough Surgery

Dear patient I am sorry to hear that your mum was not satisfied with the outcome of her recent appointment. However, I must confirm it is our policy that the doctors can only deal with one problem per appointment. This is to ensure they are not rushed and have sufficient time to examine the patient. For the future reference, please book double appointment if you need to discuss two separate health issues. Kind regards Alan Dunham Practice Manager