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Written by a patient
30th July 2019

Once registered, it's easy to book online, but only for Doctors' appointments. It would be great if other types of appointment could also be booked online. The surgery has a self-service check in system so most of the time it's not necessary to speak to the receptionists. I'd prefer it if my full name wasn't displayed on the monitor announcing when the Doctor is ready. Maybe first name and last initial?

31st July 2019
Response from Cloister Road Surgery

Thank you for taking your time to leave such a constructive feedback. The other types of appointments are not available to book online as we have a booking protocol which states what type of service is booked with a specific clinician, e.g. annual diabetic review needs a double appointment with Healthcare Assistant, annual asthma review needs to be booked as single appointment with a Nurse. We have enquired with a clinical system provider and unfortunately there is no possibility to change the display setup for an individual patient. Cloister Road Surgery

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