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Written by a patient
25th February 2019

I have been having my b12 injections with the nurse here every 2 months for over a year and never had any trouble, infact my usual lady is great. However today, suffering with the symptoms of my anaemia and over due my next jab (over 2 months), a locum nurse decided that she didn’t want to administer the jab because she didn’t want to be liable for anything and told me I should have a blood test instead. That would be fine except I need these jabs to get on with daily life, to work and there has been no notice given so I can plan around this change to my scheduled treatment. I explained my situation, how I feel, can I speak to my doctor to explain how I am feeling and how this will effect me, after all this has been my routine for over a year but I was blankly refused and then another doctor came in and told me off rudely like a strict boarding school matron and that I must leave as they won’t be seeing me today. I was then unceremoniously issued with a blood test paper and that was that. No question of my current state, how I’m feeling or assessment of the circumstances. No explanation as to why this was happening or what happens next. Not one element of care given to me, or a slither of understanding about my condition and how their descision will effect my life. I am seeking help elsewhere as without notice this has huge implications for me. So so dissapointed and upset.