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Written by a patient
10th December 2020

This excellent surgery is modern, very pleasant but above all very well staffed by a really able team that is clearly resilient and cheerfully caring despite the exhausting demands of the Covid crisis. What prompted my review was today’s singularly impressive nurse, Monique. The appointment was for a routine injection and blood test. Not a spectacular medical crisis. To find such an inspiring level of care, thoughtfulness and such a happy warmth of personality, with such a high level of professional knowledge and skill was a real joy that sent me home feeling so much better despite longstanding idiopathic chronic pain in and other issues that can be depressing to discuss and face up to in ones 83rd year. Of all the heroes and heroines of the NHS that I have met it was Monique who has impressed me most for making me feel so well cared for in ROUTINE NHS work where high drama was not involved to make the meeting stand out.

I cant think of any problems at all in such a visit. The good humour and respectful handling of Monique and her Reception colleagues were just exemplary.

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