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Written by a patient
10th June 2020

I had a text from the surgery to say " get in touch" as my medication has been withdrawn from the market. I immediately did this and was told my doctor would get in touch. I heard nothing. So I wrote to my GP via their system on line, two days ago. Still no response. I tried to phone this morning. No answer at all. I tried again, still no answer. What used to be a brilliant practice is becoming a poor excuse for good care. I am asked to answer questions that are not applicable as I did not attend the surgery. Were you involved enough in decisions made about your care and treatment? Totally Was the surgery clean?

19th July 2020
Response from Beversbrook Medical Centre

Hi there, thanks for your feedback. Sadly the questions which are asked here are relevant to the NHS Friends and Family test, so we cannot tailor them for our patients who have accessed our service remotely. This is as frustrating to us as it is for our patients as a score has to be left, meaning our cleanliness rating is being marked low - as you can imagine our cleaning team, who pride themselves on their consistently good ratings from patients, are particularly frustrated about this inaccurate reflection on their hard work. I am sorry to also hear that we let you down in other areas which we usually excel at. We have recently started recording our calls and the rate of how quickly they are answered. Our results show that on average our call waiting time is just over 2 minutes and I am sorry to hear that you did not receive the response you had hoped for on the occasions when you called. We appreciate that 2 minutes is not perfect and are putting in targets to help to improve this further. However, I am also disappointed to hear that you didn't get a response from our online message or that you were promised a call back from the GP which also didn't happen. I would really welcome the opportunity to speak to you about this further so that it can be investigated and used as a case study to ensure that we can learn from your experience so that other patients do not have the same problems. If you would be so kind as to contact me at I would be very grateful and I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, I would like to offer you my sincere apologies for the service you have received which is not acceptable. Kindest regards, Emmy Butcher - Managing Partner

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