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Written by a patient
27th August 2020

I first came across Mr Chapman-Sheath when I had an accident where reeds were embedded in my leg. This needed great skill to take out the layers of reed and the consensus at Nuffield Hospital was that "Philip" was the one who could do it best. He operated very quickly and the wound healed nicely. Recently my right knee had to be replaced due to osteo-arthritis and a defect in the knee joint which meant the leg also needed straightening. He explained in detail what was involved and myself and my husband had great faith that the operation would be successful. Due to my healing too quickly scar tissue formed but again he arranged very quickly for me to have key hole surgery to clear it before he went on holiday. I did appreciate this as each week meant the knee was stiffening although walking and standing on the leg was quite easy within days of the first operation. Throughout the whole process everything was explained and reassurance given. If you are in doubt I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Chapman-Sheath as there is no pressure to proceed - he leaves it to you to decide when you are ready to go ahead. I wish him and his PA Suzette continued health and success.

24th January 2021
Response from Professor Philip Chapman-Sheath

Thank you very much for the feedback and wishing you all the best from the team !

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