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Written by a NHS patient
8th December 2023

Professor Sutcliffe alongside many other amazing staff oversaw my sons care at T11on UCLH for 4 years between 2016-2020. Aways at the forefront of ideas and trying out new things, professor Sutcliffe was a very proactive doctor and my son benefitted from his care and support. I cannot thank him enough for his reassurance and support over the years with my son Leon, even in life threatening situations where my son was gravely poorly. A call with Professor Sutcliffe this week was so helpful in the sense of the future and hope, especially with advances in science and genetics, with a chain of thought that diagnosis in the future via genetics or proteomics/AI was very possible. It’s been nearly 4 years since he saw my son, but he remembered so much - it was amazing to hear and I felt very humbled. Some really thoughtful suggestions and ideas An amazing doctor - genuinely one of a kind. Sensitive, good people person, wonderfully warm and kind. One of the best paediatric consultants we have in the UK. Thank you Lyn, Leon and Ian